the experience

Engagement photos are great for save the dates, invitations, and your wedding website. However, the sessions are so much more than that. The images capture a special moment in your life together. They capture your history, personally and help tell your story for generations to come. 


Your engagement session should capture your love and personality. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 


It is always the little things that bond us and that is what I love to capture. Maybe you both love boats so we shoot at a marina, or books so we shoot at a library. Or love food so we go to a farmers market or a picnic. :) Maybe you both love ice cream so we grab a sweet treat, or you like biking so we go for a bike ride.

If you knew everything about your partner that you do today, where would you have your first date?


Nature is not only a big part of my life, but a huge part of my creative process. Adventure Sessions allow us to get out of the city and find some freakin beauty! To climb a mountain, explore a state park or walk along the beach. 

The solitude of nature is a perfect way to connect with your partner in an intimate and meaningful way.  


Sometimes those little moments when no one is watching are the most sacred. When you get home from work and get to cook your favorite meal together. When you are both too tired to move, so you snuggle up on the couch. Or when you wake up late on a Sunday and have breakfast in bed. 

Home sessions are intimate shoots that allow you to be yourself in the place were we all feel the most at peace - home.


Make a mixture of all 3! The important thing is to make it you own :)

Let's start brainstorming!