I would not be where I am or who I am today with out education, thoughtful cirque, and a deep understanding of my equipment and how to control light. 
Whether you live right here in Chicago or around the globe I would love to connect with you! 

Live Shoot Session

Live shoot + tutorial session + Q&A + Portfolio review

If you are local to Chicago or want me to come visit, I am available for a live shoot session. The live shoot includes time with me, you, and a real couple.  You will see my process including,  prepping the couple, posing, and post processing. Afterwards, I am an open book for questions about photography, business, editing, and more. We will wrap with a comprehensive portfolio review with actionable next steps for your personal and business goals. You will also receive a fully edited professional headshot by yours truly :) 


4hours - weekdays


Open book Session

tutorial session + Q&A + PORTFOLIO REVIEW

Weather you want to meet for coffee or chat over skype, I offer Open Book Sessions. These sessions include a customizable tutorial session, a comprehensive Q&A, along with a portfolio review. Prior to our session we will identify areas of interest including but not limited to: editing, posing, client management, business and financial planning etc. During the session no questions are off limits.  



2-3 hours - weekdays