The life of a photo


A photo from one of my favorite assignments of the year was published in the @chicago_reader last week.

The project came to me when a good friend asked me to photograph an intimate family portrait session with his father who was passing away within the month. This struck very close to home as my mother had passed within only a few months after being diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer. It made me reset and realize the importance and life of a photo.

Some photos seem trivial or fun and can take years before they evoke any emotional attachment. I try to always remember this when I shoot -- that a quick snap shot of a bride and her mother will have such deeper meaning in the years to come.

In a world of fast media that gets quickly pushed to the back of our feeds, it is important for me to never take for granted my responsibility as a photographer -- to predict the life of a photo and its importance down the road.

For me, I will never forget my mothers hands - the way the felt every vein. Those little details that seem trivial in the moment but really mean the most.

The article talks about Steve Crews' adventurous spirit and his incredible accomplishments as a journalist at the @chicagotribune. I was so honored to have captured his spirit and every little detail of his love and deep connection with his family. 💕🙏🏻