Best of 2016

I can remember the moment like it was yesterday.

I was in 9th grade when my photographer teacher, Mr. Alley, had our class go outside and take photos. Most people (including myself) treated photography class as an easy A, a blow off class, and a time to hangout with friends. However, on that day, everything changed.

With my 35mm camera in hand, I started to explore. I started to see the smallest leaf become beautiful and worthy of my attention. I can still remember sitting and photographing a holly bush leaf for almost 10minutes before we were called back inside. It was the simplest of moments that I remember so clearly to this day.

Since then I’ve never looked at the world the same. I see beauty, symmetry, shadows, movement all at once. Even if I wanted to quit photography tomorrow, it would not change the utter love and affection I have for the visual world around me - Photography simply gives me a means to share what I see. 

Over the years I’ve gotten a degree in marketing, had a corporate job in advertising, but always continued to pursue photography. This sometimes this meant doing free work, or not getting to see friends on the weekend, and defiantly putting myself in situations where I was not so confident so I could grow. It has been a crazy road and not a linear one in the slightest. 

While I've now shot weddings for the past 5 years, 2016 was the year of my "official" leap! My leap of faith to give this photography dream the best I’ve got. I quit every side job I had and began to put sole focus on my craft, brand, and clients. I shot 22 weddings, went to 3 workshops, pumped any extra money I had into upgrading to the best equipment, built a brand I can stand behind, and most importantly did not stop shooting

I focused on consistency, style, and attracting clients who not only wanted a photographer, but wanted me for my eye and personality. I am so happy to say that hard work has paid off and I am almost fully booked this year with incredible clients who trust me with their vision. 

It is so incredibly gratifying to look back on a year of not only photos but memories. I had the honor of capturing great loves that could move mounties, beautiful ceremonies that made me cry, waterfalls that made me humble, and oceans that swept me away. 

They say a photograph is a window into your sole. I don’t know what this collection says about me, but I am energized more than ever to honor the people, landscapes, and adventures I will have the opportunity of photographing in 2017. 

Thank you to all of my friends, family, clients, and mentors that continue to believe in me every day.