Amanda + Roman Topanga Couples Session

Amanda + Roman

Amanda and I first met in college. We bonded over loud parties and late nights. A few years down the road our paths crossed again in the most unlikely of places, Thailand. While I was living in Cambodia I would frequently visit Amanda who was living in Bangkok. Our friendship quickly blossomed into something deeper. We connected over travel, yoga, meditation, and our uncontrollable lust for adventure. 

Now a few years down the road, Amanda has found her new abode in LA. Over the past few years, I had the opportunity of visiting Amanda as much as I can. Each time I've gotten to see another beautiful thing blossom in her life - love. 

What can I say about Roman and Amanda - they are funny, generous, forgiving, kind, loving, accepting, supportive, and so much more. They are always working together and never against each other. They support their passions and will settle for nothing less than each other's happiness. 

On my last visit to LA, I had the opportunity to photograph these two on our little trip to Topanga

This may have been one of the the shortest shoots I've ever done (about 10mins), but the amount of beautiful photos I was able to capture is just a testament to the love they share. 

Love these two cuties with all my heart!