Tim & Nina

Wow what an incredible day with an incredible couple. A few weeks before the shoot, Tim and Nina collaborated with me to find the perfect locations. Places that were not only beautiful but spoke to their history and who they are as a couple. 

We landed on Wicker Park and North Ave. Beach - coincidentally two of my favorite spots in the city!

Wicker Park is the area where Nina and Tim moved into when they finally made it to the same city. While no major events happened here, they share fond memories of taking walks after dinner or grabbing a bite a Big Star. The little routines that really mean the most. 

We also decide to finish the shoot at North Ave. Beach to capture their love for the city and outdoors. 

After the shoot, Tim and Nina decided to keep the fun going and were gracious enough treat me and my boyfriend to a few drinks. We ended the night with cocktails on top of the beautiful Lincoln Hotel overlooking the lake front. Ahhh...

Collaborating with my clients is so important to my process. I am now happy to now call these to clinets and friends. I can't wait to shoot their wedding this October!