Megan & Drew

I am so happy to call these two clients and friends. Megan and I met back in high school and bonded over late nights, pomegranates, Lost (the tv show), and getting into a little bit of teenage mischief. While our tequila shot abilities have dwindled, we still chat like the first time we met. Safe to say I was thrilled to hear of her engagement to the amazing, hilarious Drew Litteral.

While we had bad weather the entire day leading up to the engagement shoot, the clouds miraculously cleared and, true to VA weather, the temperature popped up to a perfect 80 degrees. We had an amazing time admiring the freshly bloomed dogwoods on Brown’s Island, strolling across the bridge to Belle Isle and ending the day in the most “Richmond” way I could imagine — on the rocks of the James River at sunset.

Megan and Drew were such a dream to work with, and I can’t wait to shoot with them in 2017!