How to Prepare for your Engagement Shoot

How to Prepare for an Engagement Shoot

1 - Relax

Try to clear your schedules that day (or at least a few hours before). Maybe cuddle up and watch your favorite movie the night before, or go to your favorite brunch spot in the morning. #treatyourself


2 - Bring on the weird, awkward, and fun

Unless you are a professional model, most of us are not 100% use to being in front of the camera. That is OK and NORMAL! Seriously - that feeling of funny awkwardness can make for some adorable moments. Not to mention, your nerves will melt away as we continue shooting. By the end, you should barely notice I am there and just being hanging out with your best friend. 



3 - Choose a place that helps tell your story

Yes, city skylines and mountains are amazing, but the important thing to ask is, "how does it help tell our story."

Maybe nature makes your feel the most a peace or the city skyline helps capture this special moment in your life. 

Whatever it is, I love know the "why" behind the location so I can better capture what makes you unique. Check out a few thought starters below!


It is always the little things that bond us and that is what I love to capture. Maybe you both love boats so we shoot at a marina, or books so we shoot at a library. Or maybe you both love ice cream so we grab a sweet treat, or you like biking so we go for a bike ride.

If you knew everything about your partner that you do today, where would you have your first date?


Nature is not only a big part of my life, but a huge part of my creative process. Adventure Sessions allow us to get out of the city and find some freakin beauty! To climb a mountain, explore a state park or walk along the beach. 

The solitude of nature is a perfect way to connect with your partner in an intimate and meaningful way. 


Sometimes those little moments when no one is watching are the most sacred. When you get home from work and get to cook your favorite meal together. When you are both too tired to move, so you snuggle up on the couch. Or when you wake up late on a Sunday and have breakfast in bed. 

Home sessions are intimate shoots that allow you to be yourself in the place were we all feel the most at peace - home.


4 - Make you pop!

When choosing an outfit the number one priority should be to choose something you feel comfortable and confident wearing. After that, I recommend pops of primary colors to help you stand out - deep blues, reds, and yellows can really compliment skin tones and can make you visible in any landscape. 

Need some inspiration? Check out my >> style inspiration board << 

Have fun - 

This is a fun day where you get to galavant around with the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with - the person who makes you feel the most at ease. It is a day where you get to privately celebrate your love and what makes you unique. Have fun and let that shine through. 

Have some ideas? Let' start brainstorming!