Wedding at Hotel Allegro - Christine + Andrew

I absolutely love it when clients bring me a vision for their day. Not in a, "here is a Pinterest board full of exact poses" way -- Rather, "this is our style, story, aesthetic" way (sometimes with photos for inspiration) -- this gets my creative juices flowing! 

Christine and Andrew are a great example of this. They had a Gatsby, Art Deco style wedding at the Kimpton Hotel Allegro. So I decided to do a little something outside of my norm -- I brought flashes and a lighting assistant and transported these two to another era. -- This is not something that can (nor should) work for every wedding, but with the right style and setting it was perfect. -- In wedding photography (and art in general) it is important to not get complacent or stick to a pattern. To practice, experiment and try new things that push yourself as an artist. 

These two are absoutly beautiful inside and out. Thank you, Christine and Andrew.